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Collection 101: Shampoo Bar

The shampoo bar offers the possibility of combining your favorite fragrance with the benefits you desire. Since each person is unique, you can now create your own combination out of 4 different shampoos, 2 conditioners and 5 fragrances offered by Collection 101.

Step 1: Choosing a shampoo

* Volume : This shampoo for fine and colored hair helps to enhance the hair structure for lasting volume. Moreover, the formula made from rice protein helps fortifying, volumizing and moisturizing your hair.

* Curl : This shampoo helps to enhance the structure of curly hair. Formulated with a complex of Brazil nut oil, Curl provides suppleness, a glossy finish and silky hair.

* Color : This shampoo for colored hair protects and prolongs the duration of your coloring. Made from rosemary CO2 which limits the phenomena related to oxidative stress.

* Men : This daily shampoo for normal to dry hair cleans deeply to refresh the scalp and eliminate residue.

Price : 17,50 $

All shampoos contain antioxidant rosemary CO2 extract. Throughout the day, it acts as a daily barrier against sun and air damage.

Step 2: Choose a conditioner

The conditioners use Provitamin B5 for its restorative and soothing properties. This vitamin actively participates in hair formation.

* Hydrate : This conditioner for dry and colored hair restores softness and shine. Formulated with Brazil nut oil complex to give shine and suppleness to the hair.

* Volume : This conditioner for fine and colored hair helps to enhance the structure of the hair thanks to the rice protein.

Price : 18,50 $

Step 3: Choose a fragrance

Smile | Cherry and strawberry

Zen | Lavender and bamboo

Enjoy | Orchid and hibiscus

Ambuguous | Musk

Passion| Mango and passion fruit

A dose of fragrance is included in the price. There is an extra $ 0.50 for a 2nd dose.

About Collection 101

Collection 101 is a range of natural products made entirely in Quebec. In addition to being untested on animals, ingredients are chosen one by one to provide eco-friendly products that meet the highest environmental and social standards.

Available at :

  • Jacques Despars Salon/Boutique – Complexe Desjardins (Montreal)
  • Jacques Despars Boutique – Galeries Rive Nord (Repentigny)
  • Jacques Despars Boutique – Galeries de la Capitale (Quebec)
  • Jacques Despars Salon/Boutique – Place du Royaume (Chicoutimi)


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