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Curly and Wavy Hair

There are as many styles of curly hair as there are methods to achieve them.
Below are a few insights into achieving that coveted wavy mane.


Start by determining the kind of style that you have or aspire to have.

The Structured style is recognizable by its uniformity, balance, sleek look and symmetry. If you have naturally curly hair, your best bet is Curl Power, a REF product that naturally accentuates and preserves curls, and includes an anti-static agent. Allow hair to air dry naturally or blow-dry using a diffuser. Pro tip: When air drying, put a small dab of product on the tip of your finger, take a lock of hair and twist it while coating it with the product. That should produce hyper sleek and defined curls! When using a diffuser, avoid frizzing my making sure the temperature is not too hot and the airflow not too fast. Go about it slowly but surely for optimal results.

Curl Power REF

On the other hand, if you have slightly wavy (or straight) hair but dream of beautiful luscious curls, you can try three tools depending on your styling skills.

Warning: Heat and protection go hand in hand when it comes to styling hair, so be sure to apply heat protectant. We recommend Rusk Thermal Flat Iron for its protective qualities, but also for its hold that promotes long lasting curls!

Thermal Flat Iron de Rusk

1- Zero dexterity and/or patience: The FÉLINE automatic curling iron was specially designed for YOU, ladies! It’s easy as pie: hold the iron in one hand and with the other place a lock of hair in the clamp. The iron will wind the lock in the chamber and out comes a perfect curl a few seconds later! It’s absolute MAGIC!


2- Somewhat skilled at styling: JACQUES DESPARS CURLING IRONS.

Equipped with a clamp and available in 3 different barrel sizes (19 mm, 25 mm and 34 mm), these irons are among the most PERFORMING on the market. Extremely versatile, they include temperature control settings and the ability to curl hair using the clamp or without the clamp simply by manually wrapping the lock around the barrel.

Fer à boucler Jacques Despars

Pro tip: Use the clamp to achieve a more classic or traditional look. For more hold and firmness, increase the heat and add hair spray on the lock while it’s on the iron. For a more natural look, wrap locks around the barrel and clamp. Lower the heat to reduce hold and, for even looser curls, simply run your hands in your hair or brush out the curls. The bottom line is after FÉLINE this is THE easiest and most versatile method to curl hair that requires no special styling skills.

3- You can style hair using any tool: EVOLUTION S

Due to the shape of its elongated platesEVOLUTION S is a flat iron capable of creating splendid curls. This tool is all you’ll ever need if you can master its use. Proceed the same way as if curling a ribbon with a pair of scissors. Start by clamping a lock of hair at the desired height where the curl should begin. Rotate the iron about 3/4 turn and pull downward away from your head. This will produce lasting curls while filling you with pride from achieving such a look on your own… but don’t let it go to your head! Find your inner artist!

Pro tips: Everything will affect the result: the size of the lock, the curl direction, the angle of rotation before sliding the iron downward, the temperature… try various combinations to explore all creative avenues. Keep in mind that consistently repeating the same moves will impart uniformity and symmetry to your style.

Evolution S

It can be said that the Wild style is a reflection of a personal disposition. You like original and nonconformist looks. If hairstyle is an affirmation of personality, then the Wild look gives free rein to each lock of hair. Far from uniformity, it carries an artfully tousled harmony.

If you have more or less wavy hair, you can reach new heights with Fiber Mousse from REF. Its bodifying fibers make the hair feel thicker and fuller by adding volume and texture. Air dry or blow dry with a diffuser. Pro tip: When using a diffuser, scrunch hair into your hand like a crumpled ball of paper while drying your hair. Maintain heat for 30 seconds before moving to another section. Repeat over the entire head of hair to achieve maximum waviness.


You can also count of two of the aforementioned solutions to create texture variations of the Wild style.


Use without the clamp for maximum creativity and originality.

Pro tip: Vary lock size and curl direction by alternating sections vertically, diagonally and even horizontally. Have fun with it! Finish by applying REF Thickening Spray and work with your fingertips for even distribution, volume, texture and softness.

Thickening Spray Ref


As described above, Evolution S can be used to produce uniform curls. However, it can also create a very unique and personalized style. To do so, vary the height at which curls begin as well as the direction and size of locks. As a finishing touch, spray REF Thickening Spray directly into your hands and scrunch it in your hair.

Don’t wait until the last moment to learn how to master your tools or techniques. Remember that practice makes perfect, so experiment whenever you can. In time, you’ll know exactly how to achieve that special look, while saving time, patience and energy!

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