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Hair Oils, Serums and Elixirs

Hair oils have become increasingly popular in recent years. These precious elixirs have been used since time immemorial to discipline and protect hair without weighing it down. Nowadays, pure oils are rare. Instead, the industry offers serums containing silicones that sheath the strands, creating a protective barrier from humidity that leaves hair soft and silky. The outside structure is therefore smoother and protected from static electricity.


Hair oils are quite different from shampoos and conditioners. In this case, less is better. As a rule of thumb, limit yourself to one or two squirts from the pump. If the bottle doesn’t have a pump, never pour more than the size of a dime unless you have a particularly abundant mane or very dry hair!

To determine how much oil is needed, start by applying a small quantity on damp hair. The product will be diluted and you’ll see if more is needed after drying your hair. If so, apply a bit more oil but not as much as when your hair was damp.

Not all serums are suitable for all hair. Make sure to choose a superior quality product, like the hair oils sold in our Jacques Despars salons, boutiques and kiosks. Never apply on roots, but rather from mid-lengths to the tips. If the results are not as expected, make sure you’re following the recommended usage. It’s also possible that the care interferes with other products.


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