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Capilactif: Plant-Based Hair Care from France


We are very proud to offer the CAPILACTIF line of products from France focused on scalp care. Created in a specialized laboratory under the supervision of pharmacists, biochemists and hair professionals, CAPILACTIF combines the extraordinary properties of plants and the most effective active agents to give hair beauty and vigor.


All CAPILACTIF products are designed from a patented complex of 9 plants with beneficial effects on hair: garlic for its anti-dandruff and moisturizing effect, arnica for its astringent and regenerating qualities, burdock for soothing and regulating sebum, chamomile as an antiseptic and cleanser, watercress for purifying and remineralizing, ivy as an astringent and regenerator, white nettle to refresh and invigorate, pine as antiseptic and a seboregulator, and rosemary for its stimulating and regenerating effect.

The product line includes 7 protocols to restore strength and vitality to any type of hair: anti-dandruff, anti-hair loss, rebalancing, cleansing, soothing and keratin microfibers. The protocols are available in 15 products ranging from preparative serums for irritated scalps, regulating washes for greasy scalps, and high-tech fibers to densify and volumize thinning hair.

Whether you need to strengthen, rebalance, regenerate, purify, densify, hydrate, regulate, cleanse or enrich your hair, CAPILACTIF products offer quality solutions for healthy and beautiful hair.

CAPILACTIF products are available at Jacques Despars boutiques and kiosks.

** Not available in Jacques Despars hair salons.

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