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Fall-Winter 2018 Hair Trends

Sweatshirts, Western influences, elegant jackets with broad shoulders reminiscent of the 80s – it’s a bold season with a hybrid and resolutely modern inspiration that the designers of the biggest fashion shows of Paris, Milan, London and New York have announced to us. And your hair in all this? Here are the guidelines to stay on top of hair trends as the cold seasons approach.


First, let’s talk about hairstyles.
After the summer season that focused on natural looks created by using products and techniques that increased the movement already present in our hair, the seasons to come put on the return of the brushing. Volume, of course, but with special attention to creating a “styled-tousled” finish. To make it happen, we prefer to blow dry  the hair one day before, in order to let it “live” a bit. Heated rollers can be a very fast, simple and effective solution to create movement and volume at home without requiring the skills of a master hairstylist. A styling mousse will help you in the creation of your hairstyle, but especially in its longevity. So you have an event on Friday night? Do your shampoo and your hair on Thursday. Friday arrived, retouch with a little hairspray and your hands and this is how you’ll create a disheveled style with volume (if you’re not used to this, plan on doing a test in your hair the week before your event, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises and to know a bit more where you will go with that when the day arrives!). Clothing trends that go well with this hair style: voluminous and aerial parkas, fake furs and capes.

Accessories are very trendy this season.
Do you often tie your hair? Embellish your look with a beautiful hairclip.
Goes well with fringed clothes, rhinestones, sequins and hippie look.

Short hair does not lose popularity in recent seasons.
On the opposite, the shaved look for women is seen more and more. The ultra-short becomes ultra-trendy. For those who will keep length a little longer on top, we do not hesitate to comb the hair slicked back and to clear off the ears. Arm yourself with styling gel and hairspray to keep everything in place. Clothing trends that go well with this style: workwear clothing (inspired by construction uniforms: orange, reflective strips and plastic boots), fluorescent and neon trends from the 90s, holographic clothing, leopard-print clothing.

The square cut – the eternal!
And yes, we talk about it because it is still relevant.
This season, however, we make sure to wear it between the chin and the shoulders and we return to a straight line.
Combine with 60s inspired clothing (minidresses, skirts and capes), 80s style blouses and colorful checkered prints.

Your hair is very curly? Go out and display your mane in all its splendor. The volumes for curly hair are super trendy. “Go big or go home!” as they say. However, you will pay particular attention to the hydration of your hair and products that help you define your curls. Clothing trends of the moment that go along: layering, comfort wear (large quilted garments), fake furs, woolen clothing, scarf style prints , hippie look, leopard prints and knit / mesh garments.

In short, remember that originality has never been as trendy as it is now.
In the past, there was a looming trend that everybody followed, whether it was suiting them or not.
Now there are trends for all styles and lengths of hair.
Get advices based on your face shape, set the limits to how far you want to go in terms of hair change (while remaining comfortable) and let your hairstylist do the rest for you.


When pronouncing the word “fall”, we automatically think of leaves that change color from green to warm red, orange and yellow. Follow the flow of the season and enjoy the palette of the 50 different shades of red that are available to you. You can’t go wrong (provided that the chosen shade goes well with your skin – you have green eyes and pink complexion? Do not hesitate one more second!)!

More generally, natural reflections and warm shades will be in the spotlight. Unlike the ginger shades which often require a little more care and maintenance, here we are looking at a trend that favors colors that are easier to adopt and that require minimal effort on your part in order to maintain their beauty.

As for highlights and balayage, we go for natural colors that fade and blend well together. We’ll hear about techniques such as “root shadow” (root effect with natural lighter shades in lengths) and the “tiger eye” (subtle balayage performed on a darker base color which provides relief with added hues of chocolate, caramel and / or honey).

For those who want more flashy colors, they can choose from navy blue, pink and yellow



Here are the 3 masculine trend currents which will be of inspiration for you in the next seasons:

The military cut (short hair on top and very short on the sides) which will be worn with the return of the trend of the sweaters visibly sporting a brand logo, cartoon prints, striped tennis costumes and other sportswear clothing, as well as fleece clothing.

The bowl cut with bangs that will fit perfectly with the return of the oversize trend (wide jackets and coats, wide shoulders, etc.), the layering, printed checks of all kinds (there is not only the lumberjack style one!), leather coats, tiger prints, oriental inspirations and tropical prints. The men’s bag, very small and close to the neck, will be seen more and more in the streets of the city center.

Long hair in a short square cut – ideally worn with wavy hair. Goes with the following clothing trends: western / cowboy inspirations, woolen clothes and floral prints.

Caps, hoods and hats of all kinds will also be very popular.

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