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Hair Models: We are Looking for Heads!

Hair models: We are looking for people interested in helping our stylists reach new professional heights. Junior to experienced stylists need you for evaluations and trainings given throughout the year. Our trainees from different hairdressing schools also need to practice.

Subscribe to our list if you want us to contact for various requirements. You must also commit to leaving our stylists the flexibility to express their talents and develop new techniques.


send us the info below 



Name :                                                            Telephone :                                       


First name :                                                        Woman                       Man


Desired service(s) :

◻️      Cut (1h and +)                                                                    free

◻️      Brushing (1h and +)                                                            free

◻️      Highlights / Brushing with or without Cut (4h and +)       10 $

◻️      Color / Brushing  with or without Cut (2h and +)              10 $

◻️      Color change with or without Cut (4h and +)                    10 $

◻️      Perm / Brushing with or without Cut (4h and +)                10 $


Availabilities and locations:


◻️      Monday                           ◻️      Tuesday              ◻️      Wednesday                  ◻️      Thursday

◻️      Friday                              ◻️      Saturday            ◻️      Sunday



◻️      East of Montreal (Place Versailles / Galeries d’Anjou)

◻️      Downtown (Complexe Desjardins / 700 de la Gauchetière)

◻️      North Shore (Centre Laval / Place Rosemère)

◻️      Quebec (Galeries de la Capitale / Place Sainte-Foy)

◻️      Levis (Galeries Chagnon)


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