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Pai-Shau : Innovative Hair Care. Created with Passion.

Pai-Shau : Innovative hair care. Created with passion.

The story of Pai-Shau begins in Vietnam. When visiting a small isolated village, Pai-Shau founder discovered its culture and people, as well as an ancient bathing ritual still practiced today. This beauty ritual mixes various native tea leaves, infused to produce a powerful tea complex with many benefits to the hair.

Convinced that he was on to something special, he returned to North America to create a formula that inspired the creation of Pai-Shau. The exclusive signature exotic tea complex is an exclusive blend of infused, concentrated teas from around the world, offering powerful rejuvenating benefits that work to strengthen, nourish and protect the hair and scalp. By combining their exclusive exotic tea complex with advanced binary technology, their first product, biphasic infusion, was born. This rejuvenating tea concentrate has brought to life a range of high-performance hair care products that combine natural ingredients with modern science.

We are pleased to offer you Pai-Shau products in our kiosks, boutiques and some Jacques Despars salons.

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