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2016 Spring-Summer Hair Trends

2016 Spring-Summer Hair Trends
The spring-summer season is always the most anticipated in the world of fashion, beauty and hairstyle. Exciting innovations are expected this year. Brace yourself for a new elegance, a simplified chic: the blurred lines of artfully tousled hair compete with shapely dos, simple hairstyles rival braids, while classic colors mingle with exuberant shades ranging from platinum blonde to turquoise

HAIRCUTS FOR HER: FROM LONG AND REBEL TO SHORT AND DEFINED  On one hand, you have long hair full of volume, crumpled and tousled. On the other hand, you have ballerina buns with neatly set hair, as well as pixie cuts and natural waves highlighted using a good texturizing product. Mid-lengths show off the grunge accents of the 90s while long hair boasts the glamorous flowing curl plunge of the 80s, Farah Fawcett style.
Another interesting feature for long and mid-lengths are the sleek modern styles for middle-aged women. As people like to say, “Fifty is the new forty” as we can clearly see in the elegant and dynamic styles for women of all ages who like to flirt with the latest trends. However, these new cuts require TLC: to avoid a neglected appearance they need regular snips from your hairdresser to maintain volume and remain easy to style.
You will also fall head over heels for another novelty: a mix of braids, African-style or with knots, held in a ponytail, or a myriad of tiny braids on a cascade of long hair.

SPOTLIGHT ON COLOR  Celebrate the return of summer with brilliant and healthy hair in shades of rich gold or beige blonde, accented with streaks of vivid colors for special occasions … or just for fun. The most daring will embrace platinum blondes or copper browns with streaks of lime green, coral, turquoise and what not.

SHARP AND NATURAL LOOK FOR MEN  Yes, the beard remains very fashionable, but it’s well-groomed, trimmed and very dandy. Haircuts are sharply defined and require extreme cutting precision – barber cuts are making a comeback. All you need to do is style your hair naturally and add a bit of texture with the appropriate styling product. Touch it up during the day simply by running your hands through your hair. It’s the perfect balance of softness and masculinity.

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