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Spring-Summer 2018 Hair Trends

For clothes as for hair, it is with a bohemian spirit, all in lightness and in the wind that begins the turn of the spring. In fashion, we see the basket as an accessory, transparency, lightness, pastel shades and flowery prints. To this, we add the flagship color of this season: the ultra-violet. Here are the spring-summer 2018 hair trends for you, ladies.

We will decorate our look with a plastic accessory for the playful side and we will float the shoulders in XXL tops. For the cowgirl in you, we add skirts or fringed tops.

This season, forget your straightener and let your natural take over: boosted loops, XXL volume and waves, nothing is more popular!

Without a doubt, this spring’s flagship trend is the wet look. Wether it is a mist effect, attached or simply dropped and pulled back, everything is to adopt and try!

Following the natural spirit of this season, wear the bangs long or short and falsely neglected, ideally to the eyebrows or lower. It is placed either on the front, on each side of the forehead (for a curtain effect) or totally on one side.

The boyish haircuts, which had made their appearances in past seasons, continue to rise in popularity this spring. The pixie cut is very short and textured. The bowl cut (cross between the square and the boyish short cut) clears the sides and neck. Thanks to its lengths on the top, it allows you a multitude of hairstyles: forward for a more massive look deposited on the front, towards the back with a “wet” effect or gominé for the chic side or simply styled by letting its natural texture take over for a little more sweetness.

The long square (or “lob”) is worn without much degrading to keep maximum volume and material on the lengths and ends.

For those who wear longer hair, do not worry! The XXL lengths seen on the runways of the past season are still in vogue. To complete your look this season, let your waves take over and decorate your hair with hairclips or a simple wide headband for a softer or slightly sporty look. Half-raised hairstyles are still popular, though less voluminous on the top.

As for color, we like the hues of red called burnt orange, gold and purple. Platinum is always present and all natural shades are embellished with nuances in tone on tone. The various blondes are almost all present on the scene, from the ashy blonde to the strawberry blonde, going through the sun blonde and the beige blonde.


Gentlemen, you do not know where to turn for the style you will wear in this new season? Well know that the spring will be varied and that you will be able to express your personality freely.

Here are the guidelines for the spring-summer 2018 period.

If you like the simplicity of morning styling, no problem! Messy locks are encouraged, either by combing all your hair on one side or forward. The fringes of all kinds are also rated.

You have curly hair and you hate this texture? This season is the time to reconcile with your voluminous and curly hair, because you will literally steal the show. Textures and natural movement will be part of it. Longer strands, longer hair (halfway between the surfer and the boyband look of the 70s) and medium hair length will be rated! Moreover, this year more than ever, we dare the balayage look in your hair, gentlemen.

For the hot season, we leave a bit aside the cuts where the demarcation between the sides and the top is too marked. We opt for a moderate or exaggerated volume on the top while taking care to maintain a harmony of proportions with the contours. We have fun creating a look that combines “clean” and slightly “neglected” at a time.

Have you always weared your hair very short or shaved? Do not worry, you are still trendy! The only difference with the past season is that we do not shave everything. We keep 1 or 2 mm.

Do you want to keep your beard? No problem! By cons, think to arrange your haircut to your beard and vice versa. Sometimes we tend to emphasize only one of the two elements. It’s also important to make sure that your beard cut and haircut match the morphology of your face.

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