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Summer Hair: Making it Shine

Just like skin, hair is fragile and sensitive to UV rays, chlorine and sea water. Sun, warm weather and bathing can put a strain on your hair. Learn how to protect it and maintain its shine all summer long. Also learn how to maintain radiant coloring.

1. Instead of investing in a shampoo with UV protection, opt for no-rinse protection.

Why bother including a UV filter in a product that will be rinsed out?

2. Rinse and protect your hair carefully after swimming.

Sea water, swimming pools and even lake water can have adverse effects on the shine and health of your hair. The solution is to shampoo after each day of bathing and, if you bathed in salty or chlorinated water, add a rinse-free protectant.

3. During summer, be careful if you have reddish and copper coloring.

Red heads really take a beating from seawater and chlorinated water. What should you do? Go to one of our salons for a color touch-up. We will also advise you on available options. Of course, invariably use a shampoo and an after-sun conditioner to maintain radiant coloring.

4. Choose your blonde … and protect it carefully.

Blonde coloring is always on the cutting edge of fashion, especially during summer. The problem is that platinum blonde and bleached highlights are very sensitive to the chlorine and turn greenish. The solution is to regularly apply a hair mask. If you swim frequently, consider apply a little product in your hair BEFORE putting on your swim cap and jumping in the pool.

5. Protect your hair with style.

There are plenty of stylish accessories: a pretty straw or fabric hat, a hair scarf when riding in a convertible for a Hollywood-style, small clips to raise locks creating a tousled look … even adorable braids tied with a ribbon are just the thing for a summer look. Summer is too short, so enjoy it!

Here are three of the best products to protect your hair all summer long:

sh. beach envy

Beach Envy
Redken $15.99 / 300 mL

The Beach Envy Volume line has been designed to increase the volume on the lengths and get a look like Gisèle Bündchen. Beach Envy shampoo is designed to give hair texture and thus provides volume and movement.

Expert advice: We strongly recommended shampooing not too frequently to avoid drying out hair. Between shampoos, you can simply wet your hair to style it again.

If you have curly or wavy hair, keep a water mister handy. Spray hair that needs a touch-up in the morning, then apply a few styling products and voilà! The waves will have more body and texture than the day before!

Sea Spray AG

Sea Spray
AG $24 / 4.6 oz

A sea salt spray imitates the beach hair effect, creating a tousled daytime look at the beach. Apply Sea Spray on damp hair, work in product with your hands, then air dry or blow dry with a diffuser. Spray on dry hair for more texture and body, or to touch up your do.

Expert advice: If you want perfectly controlled waves, this spray is not for you. The salt coats the ends and make hair less manageable… exactly what you’d expect from a beach look!

Flash Filler - Matrix

Flash Filler
Matrix $16.50 / 125 mL

Flash Filler is a rinse-free transparent mist that untangles hair. Ideal for blonde hair, but suitable for all colors. Its UV protection will help protect your coloring for a bit longer. It brings shine and softness. Perfect after a day at the beach when you want radiant hair.

Expert advice: Apply to damp hair to untangle more easily and prolong the shine of the shades of blonde. Do not apply to roots, but rather from mid-lengths to tips.

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