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Proms and Weddings Trends 2017

This year, braids and twists of all shapes are extremely popular. Hairstyles are not so much about perfection, but more about texture, movement and personality. You can also accessorize a simple hairstyle with jewelry.

Here are three easy hairstyles and what you need (products and accessories) to achieve them in a flash.

The Classical Chic Bun

bals et mariages 2017 - 1


  1. To begin, brush your hair to the back of your head.
  2. Apply a texturizing product along the entire length.
  3. Gather your hair as if you were going to make a low ponytail (to the side or back of your head depending on where you want to center the bun). The hair on the top of your head should be well secured.
  4. Tie your hair with an elastic and hide the band by wrapping a lock of hair around it. Solidify with hair pins.
  5. Part the ponytail in two and create a twist.
  6. Apply hairspray on the twist and secure the extremity with a rubber band.
  7. Roll the twist to make a bun.
  8. Finally, secure the bun with hair pins.


Style advice for pairing jewelry with the hairstyle

Harmonize styles for a classy chic look: simple pearls or a larger rhinestone necklace with simple rhinestone earrings.

Essentials for the classical chic bun

Texturizing product:

  • Pai-Shau Style Soufflé
    soufflé coiffant pai-shau
  • $32.50
  • Available at Jacques Despars kiosks and boutiques


  • Redken #32 Hairspray

fixatif #32 Redken

  • $21.99
  • Available at Jacques Despars kiosks and boutiques

The braided bun

bals et mariages 2017 - 2


  1. Part your hair on the side, rather low, and brush it well.
  2. Start a first braid, on the side where there is more hair. The braid should take the full length of the hair and be close to the head. To do this, use the African braid technique* (you could use the French braid technique, but it will be harder to pull out strands later to create slightly tousled look).
  3. Braid to the desired location of the bun.
  4. Once you’ve reached the desired position of the bun, braid the rest of the hair like a regular braid (not tight along the scalp). Tie with a small elastic band.
  5. Slightly loosen this part of the braid by pulling the strands on each side.
  6. Secure the braid at the back with a hairpin.
  7. On the other side, make a simple braid and tie an elastic band at the end. Don’t try to make the braid too neat, let the rebellious locks escape!
  8. With the first braid, make a bun that is low enough without using the second braid.
  9. Attach the bun with pins, then take the second braid and wrap it around the bun. Secure it with pins.
  10. Apply hairspray over all of your hair.

*The African braid is the same as the French braid, but reversed. Meaning, you must braid like a regular three-strand braid, but instead of bringing the outer strands inward from above, you bring them to the center from below. To get the braid to run along the scalp, each time you bring the strand to the center from below, you add hair by taking that same hair on the same side as the strand.

Style advice for pairing jewelry with the hairstyle

For braids at the back, try accessorizing with a necklace and earrings without too much moderation, taking into account the neckline of the bustier of the dress. You can also add jewelry directly into the hair for a WOW effect.

Essentials for the braided bun


  • Babyliss flat brush

brosse Babyliss

  • $18,95
  • Available at Jacques Despars kiosks and boutiques


  • Pai-Shau Sublime Hold Hairspray

fixatif sublime pai-shau

  • $32,50
  • Available at Jacques Despars kiosks and boutiques

Crown hairstyle

bals et mariages 2017 - 3


  1. Comb and make a ponytail in the middle of the head.
  2. Slightly loosen the elastic and make a hollow just above.
  3. Enter the elastic as well as all the hair in the hollow.
  4. Secure with hair pins.
  5. Pull out a few locks of hair around the face and curl them slightly.
  6. Apply hairspray to solidify the hairstyle.


Style advice for pairing jewelry with the hairstyle

Since this kind of hairstyle clears the ears, we recommend delicate and simple earrings. You can also wear a matching necklace, but keep it simple.

Essentials for the crown hairstyle

Curling iron:

  • Jacques Despars (offered in 19, 25 and 34 mm)
    Fer à boucler Jacques Despars
  • 79,99 $  2-year warranty
  • Available at Jacques Despars boutiques, kiosks and salons


  • Pai-Shau Imperial Hold Hairspray

fixatif imperial pai-shau

  • $32,50
  • Available at Jacques Despars kiosks and boutiques
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